We the Skythians - The Lie of the Land of Aegypt (New Book)


Giza Geometry is finally resolved. This rediscovery is about far more than a math principle and 'points to' the place where the modern era of history began - Scotland. Historians neglected to analyze geodesy and gematria both which were utilized to reveal the purpose of the pyramids. 20 years of research, built upon an intuition, rediscovered the vibrational patterns that Giza describes and the people who designed them. Once you find the zero meridian at Giza, you can measure everything: The entire world grid! Think circles.... This book is a game changer and has its conceptual feet planted firmly on Earth's terra firma.

I am not selling the book and do not profit in any way. I am though friend's with the author, David Ritchie, and spent 9 weeks with him in Scotland last year further refining my interest in this subject matter and affirming the authenticity of the material. I believe the world will change in positive ways once a true account of history, an unintentional consequence of the Giza resolutions, becomes a field of historical research once again.

This material will be a threat to conventional academia given the sonic mathematical principles presented and proof of many historic deceptions that will undermine entire careers by those with a stake in the cover story including quite likely religious foundations all which were formed in the 7th century AD. The intention is accuracy and numbers don't lie. Alignments, including the Rose Ley line that passes through the side door of Rosslyn and other key points within the Garden on it's way to Edinburgh (Eden) is one of hundreds of examples of a concealed history that was apparently meant to be rediscovered at this time..

We the Skythians is one of the more challenging books that I have ever read. The logic is simple and the math relies on prime numbers from which Giza reveals itself to be a mnemonic device literally pointing to places in the landscape where historical artifacts are revealed.....though not in the places where post 7th century history tells us. It's in the Bible, it's in the maps and it's in the mountains is an apt tagline. The numbers don't lie! The perfect alignments reveal designed intentions and contradict the histories we have been sold. Giza is the zero prime meridian through which the entire megalithic temple building efforts were based upon.

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We the Skythians is also available on Amazon UK as a coffee-table sized book due the necessity of high quality maps. The maps can be purchased in a large sized laminated format separately. There is also an e-book format for digital readers..... Contact the author directly via Facebook if you have question. You will most certainly have questions! To the future....

Note: There is an article summarizing this book in the first issue of the Heretic Magazine by the author.