Next Hot Ticket

The next hot ticket to fame for researchers/authors: advance the probability that Earth may have a double within a parallel universe and during four periods in Earth's 26,556 cycle, certain energetic conditions take place within Earth's and its counterpart's morphogenetic fields that cause some land mass contours of the counterpart to emerge on Earth and vice versa. Don't you suppose that's why we are now 'discovering' Atlantis rising in coastal waters?

sieco day one

sat here 23:30, a few beers........not feeling very existential (!!!) lovin the new site, better half is asleep, just posted my first few comments and thinking, 'should i have posted in my state?'..........hells yes! it's TDG for erm....goodness sakes. I think this is gonna run and run!

Are you going to provide councelling for neglected spouses? (it's now 00:45!!)

Day One

Well aint this cosy and familiar......May 1st, Beltaine time and the summer is about to arrive - well in this hemisphere at least - a great time for new beginings and to meet old friends and make new ones.....DUAT II is coming along well - we have been down to Rennes le Chateau with the cameras and equipment to shoot an extensive set of photos and video footage for inclusion on 2.......Castlerigg and Callanish stone circles too......mystery in the Lothians of Scotland......Carnac in France.......Egypts stone monuments and still there is more to come......should be a good one and we will announce all soon....interesting alliances being forged and a bigger community to bring in to the fold - looks like it will be an exciting summer.......

Simon Cox

A New Beginning

Hello all and welcome back to TDG - The Daily Grail. Or perhaps that should be welcome to DUAT! What's going on you might ask? I would answer a heck of a lot, so if you'd like to read on I'll try and fill you all in on what is happening in the TDG world. What follows should be a good introduction to the new setup here at TDG, so please do fill your coffee cup and read on...