Tulpas & Golems are Coming! (To your Multiplex)

On my latest post for Intrepid, I take a look at 3 soon-to-come films that make use of paranormal and esoteric lore —both ancient & recent— for the entertainment pleasure of movie-goers.


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Reflections on Robert McLuhan's Sufi Spiritual Training & Dexter the Amiable Serial Killer

Over at Paranormalia Robert McLuhan's put up Sufi Spiritual Training a piece about Irina Tweedie's spiritual autobiography Daughter of Fire and this's an 'updated' version of my response.

Robert McLuhan "After two weeks camping by a Cornish beach, followed by the Olympics, I'm finding it hard to think or write. The controversies that usually take up my attention look rather small just now.

"It could be an effect of the sports...

"Or the ennui could be an effect of my holiday reading."

Robert forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs but if my own experience's anything to go by you sound like you might be drifting towards that part of the psychic 'internet' Juan Matus called the place of silent knowledge.

If it hasn't already happened you may soon get flashes of peculiar states of mind where you'll seem so detached from human concerns someone could rape and murder your wife and kids in front of you and it wouldn't knock a flitter out of you.

Each time you emerge from it though you'll be shocked at how cosmically lofty and indifferent you felt and astonished how much you still covet such a blissful but cold hearted state.

In Buddhism and Sufism this's considered a stage or state to be worked through until the heart learns to transform cultivated warmth into true warmth but because it feels so unbelievably liberating to be so utterly free of all human considerations some prefer to make no further progress.

It's to overcome precisely this potential sticking point I suggest the bodhisattva vow originally arose.

Dexter the serial killer in the TV series's almost certainly such an arhat who's reincarnated to learn how to redevelop his human warmth but it's unclear how much original creator Jeff Lindsay or the show's writers're aware of this.

Robert McLuhan "I tell myself that this intellectual activity is essential, if only to convince oneself of the potential nature of the reality that lies beyond."

The image used for perfect enlightened consciousness all through the mystical systems's that of the mirror.

You show a mirror a dog turd and it'll unflinchingly reflect the turd the pavement and the steam in their entirety.

You show a mirror the universe and the whole universe'll be reflected without discrimination or judgement.

Yet all the time the mirror remains pristine inviolate.

In this mirror image then the 'essential' intellectual activity you refer to's styled the dust which continuously builds up on mirrors.

So long as mirrors're continuously cleaned though there's no problem but what tends to happen is each mirror becomes more and more fascinated by its own particular series of dusty conceptual buildups less and less concerned with reality until the distinction between the two becomes obscured then finally forgotten.

This I suggest's what happened to Irina Tweedy when she became fixated on Sai Baba. She forgot he was only a means to an end (a sort of soap or cleansing agent added to the dust with the ultimate intention of rinsing the mirror free of both).

The peculiar thing's supposedly when Sai Baba's being horrible to her he's not actually choosing to act that way or say those things. None of his actions're even remotely calculated. Everything has to be spontaneous to produce an authentic effect because supposedly as a perfect dust free mirror he's effectively volunteered for the extremely hazardous task of placing himself under a kind of spell students're allowed to exert over their teachers enabling them to catch an authentic glimpse of themselves as they really are at any given moment.

Imagine therefore the trauma the teacher can undergo when they take on hundreds or even thousands of differently minded students. This's why so many become ill and even die. They're suffering from pupil poisoning.

So when Irina's entranced by Sai Baba's beauty it's the reflection of her own beauty that's really entrancing her. Ditto Sai Baba's divinity's the reflection of HER divinity. When she's mortiified by his bullying accusing tone she's really experiencing the bullying accusing attitude she unwittingly projects at everyone else.

Of course if you can't buy into such ideas then this's a load of bollocks and he's just a nasty bastard.

Did Aleister Crowley Unleash Demons at Loch Ness?

The atmospheric 9-minute film above, by Brian Butler, depicts a magical ritual on the grounds of Boleskine House at Loch Ness - a former residence of the infamous magician Aleister Crowley (and later, of rock guitar legend and occult enthusiast Jimmy Page). Most people know of the famous loch only through its alleged resident monster, but the Fortean roots of this Scottish location run deeper than that, as the film above suggests.

Situated in the north of Scotland, Loch Ness is nearly 24 miles in length, and at some points around 300 metres in depth - more than enough to conjure up all sorts of fears in human minds of what may lie beneath. And as paranormal researcher Nick Redfern pointed out in an article in Darklore Volume 2 (Amazon US or Amazon UK), there's no shortage of weirdness to dip into in the history of the place, including "encounters with UFOs, Men in Black, shape-shifting water-horses known as kelpies, demons, spooks, specters, fairies, and much more."

In his article, Nick notes the dark history of Crowley's former residence and the central location it plays in many of the location's legends:

Originally a hunting lodge for noblemen, Boleskine House was constructed more than two centuries ago on the southern side of the dark loch. During his time at Boleskine, Crowley was engaged in a magical sequence that was designed to create a “knowledge and conversation with the holy guardian angel.” The ritual was an elaborate one, consisting of several weeks of purification and ritual
work for Crowley.

Interestingly, at the site of what is arguably the world’s most famous monster, Crowley’s actions (which included black masses and wild orgies) led to some disturbing phenomena. In his autobiography, Crowley described how the spirits he summoned at Loch Ness got wildly out of hand, causing one housemaid to leave, and a workman to go mad. Crowley also insinuated that he was indirectly responsible for a local butcher accidentally severing an artery and bleeding to death. Crowley had allegedly written the names of demons on a bill from the butcher’s shop.

Across from Boleskine House is a graveyard with a reputation for strange activity, and which was established long before Crowley even set foot on the scene. One legend suggests a tunnel exists linking Boleskine and the graveyard, and that is said to be the haunt of a band of unholy witches.

Crowley's summoning of strange entities, mixed with the strange legends and folklore surrounding Fortean occurrences at Loch Ness, have led some, including cryptozoologist Richard Freeman, to ask whether the famous occultist's ritual "worked in a way that Crowley had not foreseen?”

Jimmy Page himself has noted the sulfurous stench that pervades Boleskine House. "A man was beheaded there and sometimes you can hear his head rolling down," he said in a 1975 interview. "That sort of thing was there before Crowley got there. Of course, after Crowley there have been suicides, people carted off to mental hospitals.”

But in truth, Crowley was late to the party when it comes to trying to harness the demons of Loch Ness. A century previous, in 1833, the Inverness Courier newspaper reported that a local resident, one George MacGregor (alias “Willox the Warlock”) had passed away. As Nick Redfern notes, found among his possessions was a “piece of yellow metal resembling a horse’s bridle, which in the days of yore was sported by a mischievous water Kelpie, who haunts the banks of Loch Ness and Loch Spynie.”

In other words, spirits have been called from the vasty deep of Loch Ness for a long, long time now...

For Nick Redfern's complete article about Loch Ness, "What Lies Beneath", see Darklore Volume 2 (Amazon US or Amazon UK).

News Briefs 17-08-2012

”We may brave human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones.”

Quote of the Day:

“The globe began with the sea so to speak; And who knows if it will not end with it?”

J. Verne

Are Strange Norwegian UFOs Simply Grains of Dust?

Hessdalen Lights (Photo by Leif Havik, copyright Project Hessdalen)

In the Hessdalen valley in Norway, strange lights have been reported floating through the sky for many years. Though interest in the phenomenon peaked in the 1980s, researchers have noted that written records of the luminous mystery go back to 1811. The lights come in a variety of colours (white, yellow and blue), sometimes remain still and sometimes flash, and can suddenly move at extreme speeds upwards into the atmosphere or down into the ground, or into one of the many lakes in the area. Their size has been estimated in some instances to be up to a few cubic metres across, and sometimes they have been observed for longer than ten minutes at a time.

For the past three decades, small groups of scientists have attempted to document and explain the 'Hessdalen Lights', though usually working with few resources and on a shoestring budget. Currently, a collaboration between Norwegian, Italian and French
researchers run 3 different stations at the location, and for a fortnight in September each year they set-up four temporary stations which are manned by up to 100 students and researchers. A couple of recent papers, presented at the 2012 European Geosciences Union General Assembly, suggest that these efforts are starting to make in-roads into the mystery.

In a paper titled "Different states of the transient luminous phenomena in Hessdalen valley, Norway", researchers noted that the Hessdalen Lights observed so far can be categorised into six different 'states' - Doublet, Fireball, Plasma ray, Dust cloud, Flash and Invisible - and that the lights might be caused simply by ionized grains of dust:

The Hessdalen phenomena is not easy to detect, and approximately only 20 observations is done each year. The work done the last 14 years suggests that the phenomenon has different states, at least 6 detected so far. The states are so different that to see a coupling between them is difficult. New work done into dusty plasma physics suggest that the different phenomena’s may be of the same origin, since the ionized grains of dusty plasma can change states from weakly coupled (gaseous) to crystalline, altering shape/formation and leading to different phenomena. Optical spectrometry from 2007 suggested that the luminous phenomena consisted of burning air and dust from the valley. Work done by G.S Paiva and C.A Taft suggests that radon decay from closed mines may be the mechanism that ionizes dust and triggers this phenomena.

The paper notes, however, that further research has indicated that radon is not the energy source, and as such this element of the mystery remains unexplained.

Find out more about Project Hessdalen at the official website, which includes streaming video options if you'd like to keep an eye on the valley yourself.

(via The Examiner, thanks to Jack for the heads-up)

Who Dunnit - 911 and Dr Zabrosky

See video

Excellent little video interview with an ex Army War College professor Alan Zabrosky who describes how the Mossad and other associated entities pulled off the false flag attack that was 911. It might also be noted that Zabrosky is of Jewish descent. I think I sometimes detect an uneasiness about this topic among my Jewish friends because they fear discovery will ignite an antisemitic backlash. I doubt that, but I can understand their reservations although the most vocal people who wouldtry to prevent that would be most of the 911 researchers who can make distinction between the Jewish people and their corrupt politicians and runaway intelligence services.
Even though the monstrous event was engineered by Zionists with the help of gatekeepers cleverly positioned over here including Cheney and Rumsfeld a person of conscience and integrity of conviction has to follow the trail no matter where it leads, and it doesn't just lead to the Mossad - it also leads to a few esteemed political leaders in the USA and a handful of military generals too.
Professor Zabrosky is taking great risks here since both the military and entities like AIPAC are demonstrably capable of very nasty and devious reprisals, but it needs to be emphasized that most of the military was not "in on it," and that more and more military retired and active are coming forth with what they know about how the false flag was done.

News Briefs 16-08-2012

With Romney 'choosing' Ryan as his running mate,
does this mean the GOP are planning to replace Obamacare for Plasmid-care?

Thanks to Rick & E.P. Grondine.

Quote of the Day:

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

~Robert Frost

Sh*t Ancient Aliens Say

Sh*t Ancient Aliens Say

Find more alien-themed cartoons at Close Encounters Studios.

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Tunguslka type blast at Jacksonville in 1564


Certainly newsworthy. I hope the link works.
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