Closer to Truth: Pop Goes My Bandwidth!

OMG, teh video motherlode! Earlier this week, I linked to some videos of Professor Stephen Braude discussing life after death and the mysteries of consciousness. One of those was at the website of the PBS series Closer to Truth. I've just realised though that their website is also chock full of other high-quality video interviews about the topics of 'Cosmos, Consciousness and God', featuring eminent individuals of the calibre of Paul Davies, Huston Smith, Henry Stapp, Michael Shermer, Daniel Dennett, Ray Kurzweil, Marilyn Schlitz, Martin Rees, David Brin, and so on. There are also other resources available on the website (such as PDF articles related to the topics). As if that isn't enough, you can also watch all 28 episodes from Season 1 online as well.

So far I've particularly enjoyed seeing Henry Stapp discussing consciousness and quantum physics in a relaxed, social manner. I've read a lot of his writings online, but they're often academic and quite dry (purposefully) - so good to see him sitting on a couch just answering 'newbie' questions. Perhaps I'll settle myself down some by watching Michael Shermer on ESP.

I guess that's my download quota gone for the coming month...


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If only it were that easy. I spent a while trying different episodes and not one of them would stream well enough to actually watch anything. Maybe TDG readers are crashing the site? Anyhow, would anyone know of a way to download the episodes in the background to watch later offline? Or is real-time streaming the only option?

By the way, I too have read stuff by quite a number of the contributors and am very keen to watch the videos.