The Tibetan Oracles

Fascinating documentary looking at the use of mediums/oracles in Tibetan Buddhism:

Cloaked in secrecy for over 400 years, the State Oracle of Tibet has been a strange and mystical aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This ancient spirit, which has inhabited a succession of thirteen human mediums, advises the Dalai Lama on matters of public and religious policy. To witness the eerie spectacle of a medium entering a trance state and being possessed by the Oracle is to confront profound questions about the very nature of human consciousness.

With permission from the Dalai Lama that had never been granted before, The Oracle explores the ancient practice of consulting spirits.

The last 10 minutes of the film features what must be fairly exclusive footage of the Dalai Lama himself consulting with the religion's three main oracles, and then discussing how he uses their 'talent'.


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I was tickled to see the Dalai Lama making a bead mala for himself and being selective about the beads. I love to make necklaces of different stones for adjusting my aura and just to feel something novel and made a dozen different stone necklaces for myself this past cabin fevered winter week.
His attitude is really where we are heading too in the west. Since everything is interdependent then it behooves us to "consult" as much of the world as is available to us even if it may seem to be remote to the decision subject. Spinning dough balls in a pan is just another way to throw your energy out into the world and see what may come back. As the DL points out it is "nonsense," but nonsense has a place too.