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Earlier this year Google asked users to vote in a poll on the tourist attraction they most wanted to see in the 'Street View' mode of Google Maps. Stonehenge topped the poll, and so now you can tour Stonehenge from the comfort of your own home (and while on TDG no less!). Mouse-over the image and follow the arrows to walk around (and through) the famous monument:

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Well worth going the full-screen option to take it in properly, as it's wonderfully up close and personal. (And no, they didn't drive one of those Street View camera cars around the megaliths - it was apparently done with a custom trike suited to off-road mapping). Thanks to the Standing with Stones folk for the heads-up.


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21 February 2009
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37 weeks 3 days

This is cool! Nowadays you have to walk on a path around it and can't go up to the stones. I don't suppose they trust us not to steal them ;) My Mum remembers going to see them as a kid and running all around them and climbing on them.

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10 August 2004
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I visited Stonehenge in 1952 when one could still walk unhindered amongst the stones. Although I have had a lifelong interest in megaliths, I can't say that Stonehenge either impressed or inspired me greatly. Avebury - just a bit further to the north - now that was another experience altogether!

Regards, Kathrinn

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25 November 2009
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5 years 51 weeks

I have never been to Stonehenge, but I really want to go. It looks great! Cudos to Google!