News Briefs 15-05-2017

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Quote of the Day:

I want all of my new special agents and intelligence analysts to understand the FBI's history [of] interaction with Dr. [Martin Luther] King and draw from it an understanding of the dangers of falling in love with our own rectitude. And the importance of being immersed in that design of the founders with oversight by the courts and Congress so that we don't fall in love with our own view of things.

James Comey (2014)


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The Newburgh Sting:

See video

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William Pepper Reveals the Plot to Kill King

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On the links today we have details of science v the Occult on a German mountain top from the 1920s detailing a ritual to turn a goat into a boy, and one about the Pope in Portugal turning a dead boy into a Saint, this in the year 2017!

Whilst the 1920s 'experiment' in Germany was a little tongue in cheek, nevertheless, it followed a scientific path to determine that the Occult ritual did not work and that it belonged in 'folklore'.

However the Pope's version is seen as 'proven' by a huge number of people even though no scientific or rational look has been taken of 'religion'.

Makes me sad and no wonder the world appears to be heading down the toilet: irrational ideas, primitive and non-scientific reasoning seems to rule these day.

On a brighter note, at least religion produced the classic Monty Python's 'The Spanish Inquisition' (which nobody expects...)


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I'd say that any sort of magic will fail to work when those attempting it are not believers. If their hearts and minds and souls aren't in tune with their work, then no sort of mystical circuit will ever be completed.

Think of it as any physical electrical circuit. If any portion is faulty, then energy will not flow through it, and the circuit, and thus the device, fails to operate as desired or expected.