News Briefs 03-06-2016

“…What is the aim of a physical theory?”

Quote of the Day:

“If the aim of physical theories is to explain experimental laws, theoretical physics is not an autonomous science; it is subordinate to metaphysics.”

Pierre Duhem


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RIP Cassius.

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Ok first, .

But otherwise, what we are doing with "dark matter" and "dark energy" numbers is just quantifying how much our best model is different from observations.

This is not to say that our best model is wrong. It works very well, otherwise things like cell phones would not work. They rely on quantum phisics.

But remember that they work here and now. And the best model we have assumes that the laws and constants have always been as they are here and now. On the other hand, these cosmological observations are based on light that has been traveling for a very long time, from very far away.

We are the cat.