News Briefs 02-04-2012

Ten books for just $20? Sounds like a bargain (if I do say so myself)...

Quote of the Day:

I am attacked by two very opposite sects - the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me - calling me "the frogs' dancing-master." Yet I know that I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.

Luigi Galvani


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Interestingly this is exactly how Edgar Cayce described it as written by Thomas Sugrue in There is a River, 1943. Pg 307, "God desired to express himself...He projected Himself into the cosmos and souls. The cosmos was built with the tools which man calls music, arithmetic, and geometry: harmony, system and balance...It was a power sent out by God, a primary ray, as man thinks of it, which by changing the length of its wave and the rate of its vibration became a pattern of differing forsm, substance, and movement. This created the law of diversity which supplied the endless designs for the pattern. God played on this law of diversity as a person plays on a piano, producing melodies and arranging them in a symphony..."

Just saying.

Greg H.