News Briefs 20-03-2012

Lots of things to worry about today.

  • Capsizing icebergs pack the punch of a nuclear bomb.
  • Biplane could break the sound barrier.
  • The Kennedy assassination: did Castro know in advance?
  • Diamond shaped galaxy discovered.
  • How should Shakespeare really sound?
  • Something is rattling a small Wisconsin town.
  • We are all Sardinians?
  • Vikings spread the humble house mouse during conquests.
  • Detection of cosmic effect may bring universe's formation into sharper focus.
  • Quantum biology and the puzzle of coherence.
  • Mouse to elephant needs how much evolution?
  • Giant planet pileups in far-flung star systems: computer says yes.
  • Sweden moving toward cashless economy.
  • Goddess of the hearth.

Quote of the Day:

Exit, pursued by a bear.

William Shakespeare


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17 February 2010
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At first glance it is a great idea, but how many steps removed is a credit-card-cell-phone only society from an imbedded-microchip-tracking-device society. Money is already a prime means of population control. How much more so if we go cashless and beyond. Anyhow, time to ratchet down the crazy a few notches and go start my day, pursued by a bear, gods willing.

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Vikings spread the humble house mouse during conquests.

And now the House of the Mouse has too spread all over the globe. But it's anything but humble ;)

It's not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me...
It's all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

Red Pill Junkie

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"After hearing his brother had died at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Kennedy phoned CIA headquarters, just down the road in Langley, where he often began his day, stopping there to work on Cuba-related business. Bobby's phone call to Langley on the afternoon of Nov. 22 was a stunning outburst. Getting a ranking official on the phone -- whose identity is still unknown -- Kennedy confronted him in a voice vibrating with fury and pain. "Did your outfit have anything to do with this horror?" Kennedy erupted."

"Kennedy had another revealing phone conversation on the afternoon of Nov. 22. Speaking with Enrique "Harry" Ruiz-Williams, a Bay of Pigs veteran who was his most trusted ally among exiled political leaders, Bobby shocked his friend by telling him point-blank, "One of your guys did it." "

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18 September 2007
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The way the weird sounds story is being fed in dribs and dabbles to hide the world wide continuity of it suggests that the mainstream has been counseled to leave this alone or to lighten the load with humor.

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14 April 2009
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