News Briefs 17-12-2012

Touretteshero recently posted a Christmas Animation on YouTube.

A big thanks to Stuart M.!

Quote of the Day:

The Christmas season’s full of traditions and activities that we can only bear once a year.



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What criteria do I use to compile Monday's news briefs?

I try to keep our readers informed of the latest 'big' news, whether I find it particularly interesting or not. I also include articles that I hope you find informative or entertaining, and one of my main criteria for selections in those two categories are articles which I couldn't stop reading (generally, a bad habit for a news editor, because it can easily lead to 14-hour work days). In today's news list there are two of those articles:

What do you think of them?

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Mystery solved, the package was misrouted.

...and I absolutely thank you for that link to the blog post by the mother, truly worthy of discussion.