News Briefs 10-06-2004

It's always interesting to watch the media rewrite the history of a previous generation...been watching it happen for these past few hours. Wonder how they'll remember this era?

  • Latest ice cores give Earth's climate a clean bill of health for the next 15,000 years. You can pull your trousers up now Miss Gaia.
  • Travelling England, getting a bit of Yin-Yang out of crop circles. Beautiful area the south of England, replete with stunning megaliths...make sure you visit sometime in your life.
  • A review of Megalithic Mysteries Of Cornwall.
  • Make sure you change in your currency and stock up on the Galacto before the UFOs open trade negotiations. Has anyone consulted Alan Greenskin about this?
  • Visiting monks urge spiritual advancement.
  • Mars rover Spirit finds more evidence of past water as it prepares to head for the hills. Would that be considered spiritual advancement?
  • If Spirit doesn't make it up the hill, perhaps one day this little sucker will.
  • Moon-Mars report to be released a little late, on June 16.
  • New NASA satellite to check on the air we breathe.
  • Some lovely images of the Venus transit. The cosmic dance continues...
  • Heart of French boy king finds a resting place at last.
  • Does Benny Hinn pray or prey?
  • More treasures found beneath the sea at Alexandria. I wonder whether Zahi is getting scuba training...
  • Perfect pterosaur found in fossil egg. Mmmm, fossil eggs.
  • Rainer W. K├╝hne's "Location and dating of Atlantis".
  • The golden ratio, the source of all things divine. Bunkum, apparently.
  • Before tackling Titan, the Cassini probe will fly-by Phoebe.
  • Birds know how to keep their cells young. Anyone know the language of the birds?
  • Atkins dieters celebrate - the low-carb potato is on its way.
  • Autism symptoms in mice linked to vaccine ingredient.
  • When is a UFO not a UFO? When it's sometimes a man-made UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Check out the gallery, and see what I mean.
  • Dead wallaby found on Scottish island. Work of a hopeful Scottish rugby fan perhaps?
  • Nigeria divided over ban on television miracles. I define a television miracle as turning on the TV and finding something on that is actually worth watching.
  • Next reality TV show in the works - Ghosthunters.
  • Ghosts and paranormal phenomena in Pacheco Pass.
  • Robert Bauval goes and visits Mr Big in Memphis.

Quote of the Day:

Today history is what we say it is.

Unnamed Television Executive


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1 May 2004
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23 hours 2 min

Amazing! What else could I say?


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1 May 2004
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23 hours 2 min

Seems the World's military people have all sorts of weird and wonderful flying machines - no wonder UFO sightings have gone up over the last few years.

Guess we will have to go back to the old name 'Flying Saucers' as anything else could be one of 'ours'


p.s. my favourite was the X-47A Pegasus (Northrop Grumman Ryan)

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The X-47A does look impressive, and could well be like the black triangular craft people see in the sky.

Some of these UAVs, with mounted cameras, would be great tools for explorers/archeologists working in places like the jungles or deserts. However, the price tag is probably too rich for most scientists.