Parapsychology Study Seeks People Who Are Totally Not Psychic

Dream Telepathy

If, like me, you have no apparent psychic ability or susceptibility to paranormal experiences, then finally there is a parapsychology study you can take part in. In fact, non-psi people are the *only* people they want:

You have been invited to be in this research study because you have expressed interest in contributing information about the genetics of extended human capacities. The purpose of this study is to discover if extended human capacities run in families, suggesting a genetic component. You have also shared that you or your family members DO NOT have psychic abilities. We are collecting information from people who DO NOT have abilities so we can compare those characteristics to people who do. Please do not continue with this survey if you believe you or your family members have psychic abilities.

Head on over to the IONS website to learn more, and take part if you're totally mundane.