Secret Room Discovered in the Great Pyramid?

Great Pyramid of Giza. Image by Nina-no, Creative Commons licence

A number of major media outlets are this week running a story about 'secret rooms' discovered in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. For example, Newsweek's article, with the mildly hyperbolic title "Secret Room Discovered in Great Pyramid by Archaeologists Armed with Lasers", says that...

...An international team of archaeologists believes it is on the cusp of pinpointing the location of a secret room hidden within the Great Pyramid of Giza as it uses cutting-edge laser technology to map the 4,500-year-old ancient Egyptian wonder.

Medhi Tayoubi, president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute heading the ScanPyramids project, said that the team, which uses infrared thermography to map subatomic particles, had confirmed there was a hidden room inside the structure. Now the archaeologists need to find its exact location. We know there is a secret room, but not where it is," Tayoubi said.

These 'revelations' are sourced from an Italian newspaper, La Stampa, but there is little information there (at least using Google Translate) that suggests where the Tayoubi quote comes from. So I'm not sure if it was via an interview, or a press release, or just dredging up old information (Zahi Hawass is also quoted, saying "We can not yet think of a secret chamber. For now we are only saying that there have been anomalies, small gaps between one stone and the other.")

In any case, rather than news of 'the discovery of a secret room in the Great Pyramid', this story seems more to be a couple of quotes from an enthusiastic researcher, with little new information beyond the 'cavities' discovered late last year that we reported on here at the Grail.

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Isn't the discorevy of secret rooms a regular feature, like 3 or 4 times a year?
How do they keep track? The Pyramid is kind of big, they better keep track of there all these secret rooms are. Some of them may get lost again.

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As Mike Myers' mother-in-law used to say, "discuss."

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