News of Alan Alford's Passing

Giorgio Tsoukalos has announced the passing of 'alternative Egypt' author Alan Alford on his Twitter account:

It is with an aching heart that I must report that my dear friend and colleague Alan Alford, author of GODS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, died yesterday. Alan AlfordI first met Alan in the 90s at a World Conference of the Ancient Alien Society and we have been in touch ever since. He was a great man, husband and writer. Your time has come way too early. Yesterday I KNEW something was "off" in the Universe... today I know what it was... I feel numb.

"Nothing is ever wholly lost. That which is excellent remains forever a part of this Universe." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have not seen independent confirmation of the news at this time, but I have no reason to doubt the report. If it is indeed the case, I'm deeply saddened and my condolences go out to his family and friends. I spoke to Alan on a number of occasions and he always struck me as a quietly spoken, but very driven, seeker of answers to mysteries of all types.

Alan first came to prominence in the mid-90s with his book Gods of the New Millennium, which came in the wake of the 'hidden history' boom of that time (dominated by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval). He went on to author a number of other books on Egypt, Atlantis and interpretation of myths. You can read a full profile of his career at his website.

Alan was born in 1961, making him 49/50 years of age. Far too young.


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I found this old TDG interview with Alan Alford, back in 2000 I think it was. Brings back memories! The late 1990s... now that was the golden age of alternative archaeology.

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This is a sad surprise. I ordered Alan's book when it first came out and enjoyed reading about his expansion on Kunkle's ideas on the 'pyramid pump' theory.

It was a great era of alternative archaeology and sad to see another seeker leave us at a young age.

Bye bye Alan.