Weekend Roundup 05-07-2007

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...

  • Guy Lyon Playfair comments on his new book, New Clothes for Old Souls: Worldwide Evidence for Reincarnation (Amazon US).
  • This week's show on AfterlifeFM is titled "Dueling Octogenarians", with host Marcel Cairo talking to Ben Alexander and Norman Ober: two 80-something-year-old old men, one an ex-medium who now thinks it was all the work of Satan, the other an ex-atheist who is now praising God and channeling the dead.
  • Andrew Gough tells of his dinner with RlC writer/researcher Andre Douzet.
  • Nick Redfern interviews Neil Arnold - author of Monster! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena (Amazon US and UK) - at UFO Mystic.
  • Michael Prescott discusses the creative power sometimes exhibited in mediumship, in his new blog entry "Music in the Night".
  • In this week's eSkeptic newsletter, evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson tells you why "Richard Dawkins is Wrong About Religion".
  • Regan Lee comments on Brad Steiger's thoughts from the recent Binnall of America interview.
  • Jeff Wells covers everything from Cheney to 9/11, to Roswell and the 'drones', in his most recent post at Rigorous Intuition, titled "Signs of the Times."
  • Anthony North writes about "The Birth of Modern Man" at Beyond the Blog.
  • Filip Coppens reaches for the skies, in his latest website article.
  • Paul Kimball comments on the evidential value of the Walter Haut Roswell affidavit.
  • A fascinating new Red Pill entry, courtesy of Michael Tymn - William Stead. Well worth reading!



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It's good to see some old subjects getting new treatment here. Mediumship, reincarnation (ok, Guy could have been reincaranted a couple of times in this life), and a piece on Stead.
Many of these subjects have never been satisfactorily answered. The quest goes on ...


I'm certain of only one thing. Nothing is certain.

Anthony North