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What do you think of the name 'Daily Grail'? I've cringed in recent years at the name association with the Daily Mail, with their regular posting of bigoted and sensationalistic stories. I also, for a long while now, have referred to the site simply as 'The Grail' when chatting with others, simply for brevity.

So with the site relaunch coming up, I've been wondering whether it might worth shortening the name, to just 'The Grail', or even simply 'Grail'. There are reasons not to - e.g. many long-time readers identify good things with the name 'Daily Grail', and those shorter names aren't available as website domain names. But I also have a feeling that shortening the name would also freshen up the name (not least by separating it from the Daily Mail association), and might be more attractive for new readers coming to the site.

But I'd like to hear readers thoughts - so here's a Twitter poll I'm running to get people's thoughts. Feel free to chime in!


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(Posted by G.C on Friday, August 18th)

” A republic cannot succeed, till it contains a certain body of men imbued with the principles of justice and honour.”

Quote of the Day:

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”

C. Darwin

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