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If you'd like to spend a paranormal-flavored weekend at the Maritime provinces, then I suggest you head out to Liverpool, Novia Scotia, where the East Coast ParaCon will be celebrated next week from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th.

The event will feature presentations by cryptozoologist extraordinnaire Loren Coleman, Ufologist Stan "the Man" Friedman, and psychic medium Chip Coffey, who was recently interviewed in Binnall of America --Tim is also attending the conference BTW, and I hope he plans to bring his recorder with him.

Last but not least, Fortean racconteur Paul Kimball will also be one of the speakers. Paul has not given a public presentation about the paranormal since 2011, and I'm sure MANY attendees will want to know about his involvement with the Roswell Slides Research Group, which was responsible to debunking the rather embarrassing Slidegate kerfuffle, merely 48 after the hyperbolic BeWitness spectacle of May 5th at the National Auditorium in Mexico city.

All in all, the ParaCon has a five-star lineup of speakers --aside from the ones mentioned above-- and with their scheduled late-night ghost walk and ghost hunt investigation, I only wish I was able to attend myself, and enjoy the beauty of Novia Scotia in the summer --not to mention a few of the local breweries.


UPDATE: Paul has told me via Facebook his presentation will not involve the infamous Roswell slides, but shall rather be focused on his ideas about the Paranormal being interpreted as an Art project, which he started to explore on his (*highly* recommended) book The Other Side of Truth [Amazon US & UK] --see? I told you he was a racconteur!

Tim sez he's going to Nova Scotia only as a vacation (yeah, right!), "(e)xpect nothing from me except perhaps a "Don't Hassle Me I'm a Local" shirt."

Folks, this demands a 'Class A' hassle directed at seƱor Binnall. Be merciless, ParaCon attendees!!


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(Posted by Grail-seeker on Wednesday, July 29th)

Will different brands of 'God helmet' spawn different religions?

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